Summary of Mayoral Candidates

Here’s a table comparing the three mayoral candidates, Baillie, Given, and Nikiforuk. Our usual disclaimer applies – this information is a best effort to represent the candidates from publicly-available statements. It is summarized for space and comparison, so readers are encouraged to look at the links which follow for further information. If readers have any

Summary of City Council Candidates

We’ve prepared our summary of the City Council Candidates. There are 19 of them, so just deciding how to format the document was challenging. There’s a note at the front which explains some of the limitations of the information and some links at the back for further information. We hope you find it useful for

Kevin McLean will ask the hard questions

Candidate Name: McLean, Kevin Why did you decide to run for office? I have a passion for politics. I have my entire adult life. I feel I have earned great experience and will contribute greatly to the new team. What experience do you have with municipal government, in Grande Prairie or elsewhere? I have served

Chris Thiessen – A Positive Advocate

Candidate Name: Thiessen, Chris Why did you decide to run for office? I am running for Council because I love Grande Prairie and the people who make it so livable.  I want our children to raise their children in this beautiful community that will become and in some ways already is, a model for innovation