Hello Again!

Hello Grande Prairie,

A few years ago I started this site to provide voter information in the hope that it would make it easier to compare candidates and encourage people to vote. I let the actual website lapse but continued on Facebook. With our municipal election fast approaching, we’re back with some new information in a hopefully accessible format.

As you probably know, we’ve got a lot of people running this time around, so I’ve tried to keep it accessible and made pdf files available for download in case that’s easier. I have summarized their responses as faithfully as I can for comparison but the full versions are here to go into as well.

I’ve let the candidates know their information is posted. If they feel anything should be corrected to better reflect their views, I’ve asked them to let me know and you may see us revising it.

This site strives to be impartial in the information it presents. Our only hope is that you make an informed decision. For those of us who enjoy watching politics and the public debate, local political scientist Dawn Moffat-McMaster is joining us this time around. If Dawn has time, she will hopefully be offering some commentary ahead of election night and some analysis as the results come in.

So good luck to the candidates in this last week of the campaign. To the residents an appeal to exercise your democratic right and help choose our next city council!



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