John Kriska – A voice for the people

Candidate Name: Kriska, John
Why did you decide to run for office?

I’ve been a resident of GP for over 20 years and during that time I have owned and operated two businesses. I have always been an active member of the community and now feel that it is a great time for me to become more involved in the city and the decision made. I believe I can be a strong voice for the people and someone who they can trust. If I don’t have the right answer I will definitely do my best to find it.

What experience do you have with municipal government, in Grande Prairie or elsewhere?

I have always had an interest in politics but have never run for office until now – I am excited to represent the people of Grande Prairie.

If elected, your term will run until 2021. What do you want Grande Prairie to look like four years from now?

I would like to see our city have better control of the budgets, and that would include debt reduction. I would also like to see improvement in revenue services such as Eastlink and the Revolution Place. I would also like to see the beautification project completed on time and on budget. Continued attraction and retention of newcomers to the Grande Prairie area is very important and I would like to see this continue as well.

The average property tax bill in Grande Prairie is about $3,500. If we use the percentages from the 2016 Taxpayer Information handout and set aside the portion for schools, that means we use that homeowner’s taxes in this way



To explain some of the labels

Corporate Services include things such as information technology, facility maintenance, and finance.

City Manager’s Office includes communications, human resources, and legislative services, among others.

Community Living looks after transit, the Eastlink Centre, Coca-Cola Centre, Heritage, Parks, and Recreation

Community Safety and Growth covers fire, RCMP, enforcement services, transportation, engineering, inspection, and planning.


How would you like to see that money allocated among those uses?

This is a very tricky question to answer as the categories are broad and a more in-depth look into their make-up is needed. I am looking forward to learning more about the details and the process in which this is decided/divided. I believe that there are many areas that we can save money and reduce costs.

Many candidates talk about change but what do you think is working well in the city; what would you want to keep the same?

The beautification of downtown is a project I believe in and support but only If going forward we can set a budget, be accountable,finish on time with the support of the downtown businesses. It could be a great part of our future.

We conducted a survey that identified Crime and Public Safety, Taxes, and Economic Growth as the top three issues for residents. What are your thoughts on those issues?

I agree 100% these 3 areas are also the most important to me. The safety of our citizens is very important and our budget must be flexible to maintain and increase the number of officers as we continue to grow.

Taxes are an area I am excited to tackle! I believe we can sharpen our pencils and reduce spending to improve our efficiency. Economic Growth is vital for us and we need to attract more industry. Great real estate isn’t enough as we are competing with the county now as well.

When voters ask “Why should I vote for you?”, what’s your answer?

I believe I will be a great voice for the people. I will work hard to make Grande Prairie even better in the next 4 years.

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