See you next time!

Well, the election results are in and while official results won’t be posted until later, I think it’s pretty safe to congratulate the winners.

Congratulations to Grande Prairie Mayor Bill Given and Councillors Jackie Clayton, Dwight Logan, Kevin McLean, Kevin O’Toole, Lorne Radbourne, Helen Rice, Chris Thiessen, and Rory Tarant!

Congratulations to the Grande Prairie County Councillors Leanne Beaupre, Corey Beck, Daryl Beeston, Harold Bulford, Richard Harpe, Peter Harris, Bob Marshall, Brock Smith, and Ross Sutherland!

Congratulations to the Grande Prairie Public School Trustees JoAnn Cazakoff, Brenda Howard, Paulette Kurylo, John Lehners, and Karen Prokopowich!

We owe a debt to all the candidates for stepping forward with a willingness to serve and for shaping our civic culture. We also owe a great debt to Audrey Cerny, Returning Officer for the City of Grande Prairie and Sherry Green, Deputy Returning Officer for the County of Grande Prairie and the staff who allow us to express our will every three and now four years.

I started this site in the hope that voter turnout could be increased, so obviously the results of the evening are a bit disappointing. That said, the site received over 4,000 visits in the last month with yesterday being the peak. I hope you feel that the site has been useful to you; I have certainly learned a great deal in researching and creating it. Thanks to those of you who left suggestions for content, the site has been richer for it.

This was never intended to be a site which regularly commented on Grande Prairie politics – David Biltek’s blog is probably our best source for commentary. One of the great opportunities I’ve enjoyed this campaign is corresponding and chatting with David – a true political watcher who has the benefit of experience inside the process to shape his perspective.

So watch for us next election season, my intention is to be back to again provide you with the candidate positions and some facts on the issues to help you decide.

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  1. Bill Scott says:

    First time not directly involved in elxn cvg for the DHT and with blogs and etc. good job!
    It’s a far cry from manual counting and loonnggg nights back in the ’60s and ’70s!
    Four years is too long in my opinion but I guess we’ll find out what the pressure amounts to.

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